Engineering Service Fields

Structural Inspections, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction, Material Testing, Specialty Tests, Roof Engineering, Window/Door Engineering

QuEST’s objective for each service area is simple: To do our best to meet project goals and satisfied clients and the general public. We evaluate the project needs, work together with you to accomplish the project’s objectives by communicating with you and are responsive to your needs, and putting the right experience and skill to work on the project. The experience of our engineers and inspectors allows us to present innovative and superior solutions to engineering and environmental problems, so you get the best result, a job done smoothly, on time and within your budget.


Windows and Doors Engineering

The windows and doors are an important functional component of a house, building or large structure. Most windows and doors are functional in that they can be opened and closed, although sometimes this requires considerable effort.

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Structural Inspections

We treats every project with the precision and care needed to help you meet local and State code compliance. Engineers and inspectors from Quest Engineering are continuously training on regulatory changes for code review and inspections.

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Specialty Tests

From basic compressive load testing to complex multi-channel data acquisition, we have the capability to test many different types of products. Construction, automotive and aviation are some of the industries we serve.

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Roof Engineering

Our department employees many qualified craftsman with decades of experience installing the most difficult roof systems, who focus on the long term quality of their installations as well as the meticulous details required with many.

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Geotechnical Engineering

QuEST Engineering highly professional and experienced team is proficient in delivering geotechnical engineering services and remains ready and eager to extend its services to new and existing clients.

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Material Testing

QuEST also provides comprehensive material testing necessary for code compliance and quality engineering services. Our laboratory is located in Pompano Beach, FL and is has the capacity to handle any size project, large or small.

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