Geotechnical Engineering

QuEST Engineering highly professional and experienced team is proficient in delivering geotechnical engineering services and remains ready and eager to extend its services to new and existing clients.

Geotechnical Services Offered

  • Soil Borings
  • Percolation Tests
  • Shallow Foundation Design
  • Deep Foundation Design
  • Earthwork Monitoring
  • Pile Installation Monitoring
  • Pile Load Tests (Compression, Tension & Lateral)
  • Vibro-flotation Design & Monitoring

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Detailed Foundation Design Recommendations

QuEST provides an extensive range of geotechnical services including investigation of subsurface conditions and materials, assessing risks posed by site conditions, design of earthworks and structural foundations, and monitoring of site conditions and earthwork and foundation construction. QuEST delivers detailed foundation design recommendations on performance investigations which are important to gain an understanding of the site and planned construction. In this manner QuEST brings it's clients the knowledge required to develope the property using the most cost effective foundation alternative. QuEST has a proven track record that includes having successfully completed large commercial, educational and residential projects as well as municipal projects throughout South Florida.