Construction Material Testing

QuEST also provides comprehensive material testing necessary for code compliance and quality engineering services. Our laboratory is located in Pompano Beach, FL and is has the capacity to handle any size project, large or small.

Material Tests Available

  • Laboratory Soil Tests
  • Field Density Tests
  • Concrete Tests
  • Grout/Masonry Tests
  • Asphalt Tests
  • Concrete/Asphalt Monitoring
  • Concrete Coring & In-situ Concrete Strength Tests
  • Bond Strength Tests
  • Pachometer Tests to Verify Presence of Reinforcing Steel
  • Fireproofing Materials Tests.

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Laboratory Testing Specifications

Our team members have the years of experience necessary to manage industrial testing, asphalt monitoring and also soil and concrete testing including vibration monitoring and wide variety of soil tests. Our customer have the assurance that they have a properly credentialed and qualified team working on their behalf to achieve their project goals. Our field technicians and laboratory personnel are certified and experienced with the tools and methodology needed to provide the professional material testing services we offer. QuEST Engineering also has the demonstrated ability for meeting budget and time requirements. Quest Engineering Services & Testing, Inc. is a recognized Professional Material Testing Service Provider within the State of Florida.


Materials Testing Services

Concrete Testing

Casting Concrete Cylinders
Casting Concrete Beams
Casting Concrete Cubes
Casting Concrete Grout Prisms
Compressive Strength Test
Drilled Cores
Concrete Thickness Verification
Concrete Flexural Strength
Unit Weight & Density
Slump of Fresh Concrete
Sampling Fresh Concrete
Concrete Air Content
Curing Concrete Specimens
Capping Concrete Specimens
Rebound Hammer Test
Windsor Probe
Grout Flow Test
Temperature of Fresh Concrete

Aggregate Testing

Organic Impurities
Fine Aggregate Passing #200 Wash
Coarse Aggregate Passing #200 Wash
Fine Aggregate Gradation
Coarse Aggregate Gradation
Specific Gravity of Fine Aggregate
Specific Gravity of Coarse Aggregate
Clay Lumps & Friable Particles
Moisture Content Test
Sample Reduction
L.A. Abrasion
Asphalt Testing
Asphalt Thickness Verification
Asphalt Cores
Nuclear Backscatter Density
Asphalt Content by Ignition
Extraction & Gradation
Marshall Resistance
Specific Gravity
Asphalt Paving Monitoring
Spread Rate Calculation


Soil Testing Services

Nuclear Density Test
Speedy Moisture Test
Soil Sample Collection
Dry Preparation
Wet Preparation
Standard Proctor Test
Modified Proctor Test
Particle Size Analysis (Sieve)
Specific Gravity
Finer than #200 Wash
California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR)
Florida Bearing Value (FBV)
Moisture Content
Classification of Soils
Description of Soils
Atterberg Limits
Organic Loss by Ignition
pH Content
Unit Weight & Yield